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Data Access Protocol

  1. the confidentiality of the private information collected from firms in the course of the Enterprise Surveys is recognized as essential to the continued success of the Enterprise Survey effort,
  2. in addition to Staff Rule 3.01 and 5.01 , which fall under "General Obligations of Staff Members", 4.01 & 4.02 "Dealings with Future Employers and Employment After Separation" and Admin Manual rule 1.10 "Policy on Access of Information",
  3. as stipulated by Staff Rule 3.01  and 5.02 "Secrecy Agreements",

By having access to these data, the undersigned World Bank staff, consultant or non-regular staff agrees to the following:

Confidentiality Provisions:

  1. agrees that the confidential information is to be considered "Strictly Confidential" as stipulated in Admin Manual Rule 10.11 and to follow the safeguarding guidelines indicated in the aforementioned Rule 10.11
  2. promises and agrees to receive and hold the confidential information in confidence, protecting and safeguarding the confidential information against unauthorized use, publication or disclosure
  3. agrees not to, directly or indirectly, in any way, reveal, report, publish, disclose, transfer or otherwise use any firm-specific information except aggregate data that does not identify specific firms (as a rule, statistics with fewer than five (5) firms may not be reported)
  4. agrees to protect the confidentiality of firms participating in the survey and not to seek to use this data to identify or help other(s) identify respondents
  5. agrees not to share the data with other(s), other than a staff (or consultant or non- regular staff) who cannot perform his/her duties without having access to the confidential data, provided that each person to whom it is disclosed shall be made aware of, and required to sign, observe and comply with, the obligations under this protocol
  6. agrees to use this information only for the purpose of work within the World Bank
  7. acknowledge that all the analysis, interpretations, and conclusions drawn from the data are entirely and solely those of the user
  8. agrees to reference the source of data as "Enterprise Surveys, The World Bank Group"
  9. agrees to treat the questionnaire with the same degree of confidentiality as the data.

 Further Information

Contact: Rose Gachina, 202-473-7641, or Joshua Seth Wimpey, 202-458-0181